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Zachary Zombie is searching for newts in the forest. He finds a lost boy instead. When the boy Series: Stories for Demented Children, Book 2.
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One of his least favorite moments was watching that skycycle fall into the Snake River. He would stare at the road, imagining what it would be like to explore different worlds. As an adult, John spends most of his time staring at a computer screen in an attempt to avoid people. He stares at the monitor for hours, imagining what it would be like to explore different worlds. Quite frankly, it frightens him. Emo bunny minions surround John at most times. He is their imaginary friend and they look to him for guidance.

At one point, they took over the world.

No one noticed because they left everything exactly as it was. They gave the world back after a week because it was depressing. The Ryallon Series is his most popular endeavor into the field of writing. His Stories for Demented Children have lightened the hearts of many strange children and adults.

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