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You Must Be Skidding!: The Biggest Losers of the Car World: Tony Davis, Shane Nagle: Books.
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This brake switch is often red. If you wish to stop abruptly, let go of the gas switch, and twist the red.

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This will bring the scooter to an immediate stop, so deploy your brakes with care. How to brake on an older Lime or Bird model: the brake is build like a bicycle brake lever — just squeeze when you wish to stop. This will slowly bring the scooter to a halt.

When approaching a red light, remember to give yourself some space just as you would in a car or on a bike. Be aware of stopping in wet conditions. Bird and Lime scooters both work in rainy conditions but stopping too quickly can cause the scooter to skid and fishtail.

If you become a frequent rider, prepare for sore thumbs. The handlebars, especially on Bird scooters, have a very rough grip. The physical differences between Bird and Lime scooters are negligible, with the exception of the brakes. Finding a scooter between the two that provided a smooth, fast ride was about as reliable as the weatherman. I had the brakes on a Lime scooter almost give out on me one day, and on the ride home, a different Lime scooter maintained a speed of 15 mph uphill!

I personally felt safer on a Lime scooter, despite my previous anecdote. Check out our infographic for all these easy tips! Common questions In doing this hands-on research, several questions and overall themes arose. Below are answers to five of the most frequently asked questions about Lime and Bird scooters and riders. Locking the scooter reserves the scooter just for you in case you wish to continue using it. Unfortunately, payment is charged by the minute, not the mile. Since this is a lucrative business, as a rider, it can be tough to find a scooter after 9 p.

That being said, your city officials might require scooters keep a certain distance from public buildings or on-street parking, so be sure to look up the proper ordinances before riding. As a good rule-of-thumb, park your scooter near a bike rack. This keeps them off of the sidewalk and near other methods of transportation. Unlike personal electric scooters, neither Bird nor Lime scooters collapse. The only advantage would be for the chargers, as these scooters weigh about 40 pounds — hauling them into cars can be tough.

They log who scanned the QR code. If you bust a wheel, overuse the brakes, or knock the motor loose, the company will know. For any minor repair needs, simply log the defect and a Lime or Bird mechanic will take care of it. If you choose to launch a scooter into the nearest river , you could face more serious repercussions. In their user agreements, Lime and Bird defer accountability if you injure yourself while riding.

However, little has been said about damaging others and their property — which has led to some interesting legal cases. Lime carries liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage caused by their scooters.

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If you suffer physical or financial damage as the result of a scooter rider, you could file a claim against Lime — it may go nowhere, but it could lead to a payout. While there has been no legal action held against either scooter company after accidents, the companies have records to help the injured party identify the scooter operator. Using the scooters to move quickly from point A to point B is a very different experience than working overnight as a charger. The approval process for becoming a scooter charger is much more simple than that of becoming Lyft or Uber driver.

After a limited background check and a waiting period of approximately one week, Lime or Bird will send you four charging devices to get started. On the charger map, you will see three different colors, with each signifying the ease with which you will find a scooter. Red is the most difficult to find. You must return all your scooters to a hub before 7 a. More often than not, the direct-to-deposit payment comes two to three days after a charging session. Many chargers claim it is possible to make a living off charging Lime and Bird scooters. Contractors complain of weak app infrastructure, leading to unreliable GPS, incorrect tracking logs, app-user overload, and incorrect charge indicators.

Neither company has been quick to build a strong support system for their chargers. They then release the scooters and collect their illicit gains. Lime and Bird are aware of the hoarding problem, but are slow to ban users, despite chargers and juicers alike complaining about the practice.

See a Problem?

Here are some must-know terms. To better understand how the introduction of scooters has affected cities, we interviewed Joe Walsh, who worked as a charger for about six months in Austin. But as time went on, there are lots of people looking for scooters. You have to be real quick and hustle hard as soon as 9 p. I did it as a side gig to earn extra money.

When it first came to Austin, I was in between jobs so this was a great alternative. But then I got a full time job and it was just nice to have extra spending cash. Depending on how long a scooter has been sitting, the value of a charge goes up. I made more money off Bird, but only because I could find more Bird scooters.

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However, I will say that both were always very easy to work for as a contractor. They always paid me on time. With Bird, they shut off at 9. The consume r platform goes off and changes to charger. To be honest, the GPS on the app to locate scooters is not the best. It definitely could use some improvement.

This also goes for both Bird and Lime: eliminate hoarders faster! I check the tires and handles at night.