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Moore and Det. That gives the show a very authentic feel. In particular, the frequency and depth with which the characters discuss popular Los Angeles eateries is enough to inspire a culinary tour inspired by the show. Sadly, some known L. This year, Det.

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Robertson Paul Calderon gets introduced to the Smog Cutter dive bar in East Hollywood and is seen frequenting it and getting cozy with the bartender. Sadly, the Smog Cutter was closed at the time of shooting.

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In the case of the restaurant Ciudad, its closing was worked into the script when the police call a witness out who had used a visit to the eatery as an alibi. And somebody knew about it, so we used it. What makes him tick now? Edgar Jamie Hector and his personal life versus professional life and his partnership with Harry.

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Does he stay? Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. This is a wistful story that is given a properly dreamlike reading by Graeme Malcolm. You can imagine him sitting by a crackling fire as he tells the tale of a misfit, sensitive mouse who falls in love with a princess and finds his place in the world.

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It's the kind of story that parents will appreciate for the lessons it imparts - and children will cherish for its memorable adventures of a determined mouse. With a masterful hand, DiCamillo weaves four story lines together in a witty, suspenseful narrative that begs to be read aloud This expanded fairy tale is entertaining, heartening, and, above all, great fun.

These essential ingredients combine into a tale that is as soul stirring as it is delicious. Finally an authoress who writes for the literate child, unafraid of vocabulary and more than capable of weaving an engaging tale.

The naration is flawless!!!!!! It kept us coming back everytime we got in the car to find out what happened next. All the key elements to make it a classic adventure - suspense, heroic deeds, damsels in distress, knights in shining armour, and evil villians. If you like stories that begin "once upon a time The story of a mouse, a princess, soup and a spool of red thread This book has an unusual style of narration.

Kate DiCamillo has the narrator speak directly to the audience, to ask them thought provoking questions, as if it was a tale told at their bedside. As a 5th grade teacher, I have decided to make this a classroom read aloud. It is at times challenging with the way Ms. DiCamillo presents 3 timelines converging. Yet it is well laid out, contains enriching vocabulary, and at times requires higher-level thinking or analysis.

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The story is not overly complex. In addition, it has many elements of other fairy tales. But, those elements only add to the charming way she has the characters and plot unfold. Is this a book for the parents? Would I buy it just for me? Furthermore, it is a good book for a family to enjoy together. This book offers many ways to be enjoyed. It was well worth the investment. This story is so wonderful and so wonderfully well written. I love how the author makes the reader, or in this case listener part of the story.

The narrator is fantastic. He reads clearly and dramatizes the voices so well. Both my 4 and 7 year olds love it. A wonderful story, masterfully performed by Graeme Malcolm. Even my stoic husband would stand riveted, spoon in hand, or still dripping from the pool, whenever I had this on, not even trying to pretend he had some other reason for standing in the middle of the living room, other than listening to this story.

I found this to be an enchanting Fairytale. The characters are charming and noble, the story is written in a way to cause suspense, and the morals true.

Very delightful and inviting, this was a fun break from heavier books with a sweet light heartedness that appealed to me as an adult. I enjoyed the narrators style and learned a lot from listening to how he handled the various characters. After listening to this Newberry Medal author, I went right out and purchased the hard cover version to read aloud to my own grandchildren.

Story and Reading, both exceptional! I loved listening to this! The narrator for this book was absolutely wonderful to listen to, and the story was great.

Plus: The Koreatown killer and all those food references.

The narrator was amazing at giving every character their own distinct voice. Very enjoyable. Some children's books charm people of any age. This is not one of them. While it may be good for youngsters as another review suggests , my husband and I found it a little dull. If you're a grown-up looking for a mouse story, I instead recommend "Time Stops for No Mouse", also offered by Audible, which we found to have both greater complexity and charm.

A story of true love, perfidy, light and dark, and the best reasons for bravery. The performance is perfect, and all the feelings, good and bad, are experienced fully through the narrator's tone and cadence. Story-telling doesn't get much better than this. Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why? Yes we would because we enjoyed the characters especially Miggery Sow! What was one of the most memorable moments of The Tale of Despereaux? Our most memorable part was banging of the mouse drum!

Which scene did you most enjoy? We loved the part when Despereaux met the Princess Pea. Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? Yes, we were sad for Miggery Sow and the way she had been treated by her father, the cook and Roscuro. Any additional comments?

If you could sum up The Tale of Despereaux in three words, what would they be? James 3 2 Online read: Looking out from his perch in the shadowed corner of the balcony at Dodgers Avendale growled. Ean was simply a man she passed in the halls.

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