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Ms. Sherwood has once again hit the nail on the head with the famous Jane Austen characters from Pride and Prejudice. As in Volume 1 the characters.
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But anyone who has read them knows that the they are as dissimilar as The Color Purple and the Help. What more would you expect from a Harry Potter fan? Jane Austen wrote about the world of a very small subset of humans; this is undeniable.

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There is passion in their writing, but also an equal amount of horror, of pessimism and cynicism, and of truth. The wildness and randomness and senselessness of the real world are always in the back of our minds, much as we try to focus on weeding the metaphorical weeds from our rosebushes. Emphatically yes. Is that more realistic? Sadly, yes. Is it fun to read? Aristotle wrote in Poetics that he thought characters should always be good and admirable.

He thought people should see heroes in fiction, so that they will act like heroes in real life. If they saw bad characters, they would emulate bad characters. I have to disagree with Aristotle there. All characters are somewhere in the middle of that spectrum from good to bad.

So much so that it seems that redemption is impossible for them; they are fated to be miserable and to be bad.

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Not all of them, of course, but certainly nearly everyone in Wuthering Heights is wholly irredeemable. When you compare Mr. Darcy to Mr. Rochester, you see the differences pretty clearly. The other is deeply flawed; bad-tempered, pessimistic, sometimes dishonest, and already married. Sometimes we need to read things that are awful and have veracity on their sides. But if that were the only type of thing we read, it would be horribly depressing. None of those books are going to remain in your thoughts, weeks later, when you think about the nature of love or grief or violence.

Everyone finds their own balance and seeks entertainment somewhere between verisimilitude and escapism. Posted in Book Review.

I caught the TV movie version of Persuasion on TV last week, and my love of the book came flooding back to me. As with most Austen novels, the story focuses on a motherless, brotherless and ergo in an insecure financial position girl with a very silly family. What sets Persuasion apart is the maturity of the story. As someone who has made tons of mistakes in her life, I can always appreciate a second chance. Anne Elliot is 27 when the story begins, but much of the plot revolves around the action of 8 years ago.

Her prideful and vain family talked her out of an engagement when she was young. I think that this story has even more romantic tension than Pride and Prejudice. He ventures off into his Naval career, and comes back into her life, and oh how the tables have turned. Wentworth is a rich captain now, and is considered a very eligible bachelor.

A Marriage Worth The Earning: ~To Have And To Hold~

Anne has spent most of the last eight years bitterly regretting her behavior and her decision. When Wentworth comes back into her life, Anne is overcome with awkwardness and shame. Wentworth is bitter and resentful. The tension is hard to deal with, but the more they are thrown together, the more their feelings soften and relax. For the couple to end up together, the hero and heroine have to do some risky things. Wentworth has to forgive Anne for hurting and humiliating him. Interestingly, I found a blog post with 5 reasons why Wentworth is more marriageable than Darcy.

There are other girls interested in Wentworth, and another eligible match turns up for Anne. Austen strings you along and makes you worry, even though you know it will come through in the end, and that release at the end is a beautiful experience. He disapproves of the navy because the harsh winds and what they do to the faces of the sailors.

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WHY were people searching for this stuff? WHY does searching for it lead to my blog?! Here is a sample of the weirdest searches:. Excellent question, but one my blog does not answer. There are also some that are less PG rated, including several people wanting to search about Fred Weasley performing certain sex acts, and something related to horses, dolls, and sex. For the record, my blog came up for that last one because of my review of Anna Karenina, which has a sex affair, a character named Dolly, and a horse race. But I googled that same string of words and my blog was the second result, right behind a fetish porn site.

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Posted in Uncategorized. I was sick a few weeks ago, just a hour thing. I took the day off from work and spent it watching British holiday films, of which there are a surprising amount. I seem to own most of them, despite not liking holiday movies most of the time. So I thought this would be a great Christmas post.

Here are my favorites:.

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How could it not? Also, not even listed on their little poster is Martin Freeman and Joanna Page. Yes please! I love so many of these actors. Not to mention that I love them together. They work well together and its lovely to see them in the same film.